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Domestic Violence ProgramPhone: 405-295-1525
Emergency: 405-620-6395
Crisis: 405-538-5590
Fax: 405-295-1895Contact Department

The Cheyenne and Arapaho Domestic Violence Program works to provide services and assistance to tribal members in Oklahoma who are domestic violence survivors. Assistance is also provided to other Native American domestic violence survivors living in the service area. The advocates help our clients find the assistance and services needed, while working to ensure their safety from future incidents and safeguarding their confidentiality.

In addition, the Domestic Violence program also provides services and resources for victims of sexual assault and those who have been rendered homeless due to domestic violence. Assistance is also provided to victims with open tribal and DHS custody or prevention cases.

The Domestic Violence program provides a trained, multi-disciplinary team that works with law enforcement, other tribal agencies, and state agencies that receive DV/SA referrals of tribal members. This allows us to manage any issues the program may face while working to better serve Native Americans in the service area as well as tribal members in the state of Oklahoma.

In an effort to raise awareness of and help prevent domestic violence, the program also coordinates a number of community awareness events and outreach efforts throughout the year. For more information, contact the Domestic Violence program office.

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