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Driveway Assistance ProgramPhone: 580-331-2600 / 1-800-247-4612, EXT. 27529Fax: 405-422-8265Contact Department

In collaboration with the Economic Development Program, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Driveway Assistance Program works to provide Tribal members with safe access to their homes through driveway improvements. To be eligible, a homeowner must complete an application and secure a CDIB and proof of home ownership. After an individual’s driveway is assessed and measured and a scope of the work plan is developed, a work order is issued and construction of a new driveway can begin.

The Driveway Assistance Program, or DAP, provides the necessary materials and labor to survey, design, and construct driveways to improve access to a Tribal member’s residence/home. Improvements may consist of redesigning, restructuring and/or rebuilding of a driveway to improve the surface condition in which to provide Tribal members the safety, economic and ease of access to their residence.

The applicant must be an enrolled Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribal member and own the home for which the driveway improvement is being requested.  When applying for the Driveway Assistance Program, the applicant must provide:

1)  Copy of CDIB or Complete the Enrollment Release of Information Form (included with application); and,

2) Copy of Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed or other proof of home ownership

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