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Elder Care  
90 Day Application
Affidavit Form
Yearly Application/Change of Address
Elder Care Brochure
Month To Month Verification
Resident Verification
Vendor Check Agreement

Emergency Management   
Emergency Management
Program Volunteer Form 

Higher Education  
Concurrent High School
/College Classes
HIE Scholarship Application
Higher Education Gaming Application
Rick West Art Scholarship Application
Senior Graduation Assistance

Central Intake Mail-In
Privacy Statement
Financial Needs Analysis
Training Self-Assessment
Employment Verification Form
30-Day Employment Verification Form
Survey of Needs

Dreams - TERO  
TERO Job Skills Bank Application
TERO Certification Application

Johnson O' Malley  
JOM Application
CDIIB Application
JOM Eligibility Requirements
JOM Educational Support
Asst. Form
JOM Gaming Application
JOM Honor Club
JOM Handbook & Guidelines
JOM Program Brochure
Out of Service Area
Program-Needs Assessment

Language and Culture  
Language Program Book
Order Form

Gaming Commissions  
Employee Gaming
License Application
Gaming Ordinance
Gaming License Application
for Principles
License Suitability Standards
Personal References for
Vendor Licensee
Renewal Employee Application
Tribe State of Oklahoma Compact

Emergency Medical Services  
EMS Program Brochure

Department of Health  
CHR Transportation Policy
Diabetes Wellness
Health Activities
Health Education Team
Health Goals

Substance Abuse Treatment  

Social Services  
CSBG Emergency Cares Act COVID-19
General Assistance

Head Start  
Head Start Application
Head Start Selection Criteria

Tribal Enrollment  
Adult Change of Address
Descendancy Application
Membership Application
Minor Change of Address
Relinquishment of
Tribal Membership Request
Request Tribal ID

R.E.s.P.E.C.T. Program  
Athletic Shoes
Camp & Clinic Assistance
College Student Athlete Assistance
Community Event Assistance
Elder Assistance
National & International Assistance
Ring & Jacket Assistance
Sports Frame Assistance
Team League & Uniform Assistance
Youth Sports & Recreation Assistance

Department of
Assistance Application
DAP Release of
Information Form
DAP Consent for Release of Information
Demand Response Flyer
Passenger Rules
Transit Brochure
2019 Transit Brochure Routes

Cheyenne and
Arapaho Application
Supplemental Applications

HOPE Program  
Employment Search
HOPE Application
Release of IIM 2019
Residence Verification Form of 2019
HOPE Guidelines

Election Commission  
2019 Elections
Voter Registration Form

Burial Program  
Funeral Assistance
Grant Application
Headstone Application
Meal & Transportation
Assistance Application
Burial Brochure
Next of Kin

Department of Treasury  
Application for Business License
Application For Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal
Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title
Veterans Tag Application

Department of Housing  
2021 Emergency Home Repair Application
Down Payment Assistance Application
Down Payment Assistance Policy
Independent Living Center Housing Application
Mutual Help Application
Tribal Elder Lawn Service Application

Office of Veteran Affairs 
Walk/Run Participant Registration Form
Walk/Run Volunteer Registration Form
Operation Stand Down Volunteer Registration Form
Operation Stand Down Volunteer Service Agreement Form
Operation Stand Down Veteran Registration Form
Operation Stand Down Service Provider Form

Food Distribution  
Food Distribution Application
Change Report Form FY2020
Collateral Statement of Unemployment (UES) FY2020
Personal Wage Record
Verification of Living Arrangements FY2020


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