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The goal of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Child Welfare Program is to provide quality services while acting in the best interest of our children in child custody proceedings, working to reunify children and parents, and advocating for families. In addition, our trained staff assists parents or guardians with a variety of other services on an as-needed basis.

Our services and programs include:

• Involvement with state cases to ensure courts abide by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

• Home visits are part of case management for all child custody proceedings for all tribal children.

• A variety of events for children that are in custody as well as prevention-focused events for all tribal children.

• Efforts by caseworkers to visit DHS foster homes when our children are first placed in DHS custody. These efforts include proactive interaction with the state before there is a removal when proper notification is provided.

• Outreach from the staff to provide better communication between the Tribes and state.

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