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The Procurement, Grants & Contracts Office is the central department (clearinghouse) responsible for overseeing, monitoring and maintaining an inventory of all federal and state grants and contracts administered by the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.

In addition, the Procurement, Grants and Contracts Office is responsible for the management of the Procurement Office. The Procurement Office has the responsibility to formulate and implement procurement management procedures and guidelines that ensures systematic practices, procedures and responsibilities for the economical and efficient purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, contracts and services in support of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes’ programs. These services are provided for in order to expedite the Tribes economic, social, cultural, health, educational, community and development goals.

The following are the new federal purchasing thresholds for all grants and contracts:

Micro Purchases: Informal procurement policies and procedures for goods and services less than $10,000.00 (only one quote is needed).
Small Purchases: Informal Procurement policies and procedures for goods and services that exceed $10,000.00 but is less than $250,000.00 (Two quotes/bids are required).
Major Purchases: Formal Procurement policies and procedures for goods and services that exceed $250,000.00 (Tribal programs/departments are not involved in the Bid Process for ANY purchase that exceeds $250,000.00 – PG&C will solicit for bids).


The procurement policy has been revised to meet the new OMB Super Circular federal guidelines and was submitted to the legislature for approval. However, the legislature has suggested the policy be reviewed again.
At this time, the PG&C staff has an obligation to follow all federal purchasing requirements, and have implemented the practices of the new OMB Super Circular to meet certain federal grants and contracts purchasing requirements.


Total # of Funding Agencies: 11
Total # of Grants and Contracts: 55
Total Amount of Federal & State funding: $32,801,951.00
The total funding amount includes several multi-year grants and contracts awards.

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