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The Cheyenne and Arapaho Road Construction Program (RCP) works to improve or reconstruct roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure and facilities to help ensure the safe and efficient mobility of tribal members through our service area.

The Roads Construction Program(RCP) is responsible for improving the conditions of existing roads, eligible transportation infrastructures (i.e. parking lots, transit facilities, etc.), and structurally deficient bridges. The Roads Construction Program either provides the construction and/or reconstruction of projects under one or a combination of three (3) categories:

Federal Funded Projects:

Projects administered under the Roads Construction Program must meet two (2) basic requirements in which to qualify for Tribal Transportation Program funds under 25 CFR Part 170:

(1) Must be a public use road (open to the public)

(2) Must be identified within the Tribes’ Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Special Projects:

Projects that have not yet been included within the Tribes’ LRTP that do not qualify for federal funds however that are deemed a priority are identified as Special Projects.  The Roads Construction Program must complete a Scope of Work and Project Proposal (budget) to include design, quality control, project management, construction, and project inspection costs and submit through the Executive Office prior to presenting to the Legislature for consideration and allocation of either Tax Commission or Gaming funds.  allocation of tribal funds.

Driveway Assistance Program:

The Driveway Assistance Program was developed to provide improved access to Tribal members homes through the construction or reconstruction of driveways.  The Driveway Assistance Program is a direct service program that does not meet the criteria for federal funds, therefore, the DAP relies on the allocation of Tribal funds.

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