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State-Tribal Education Partnership (STEP) ProgramPhone: 405-422-7651Contact Department

State-Tribal Education Partnership (STEP) Program
The State-Tribal Education Partnership (STEP) Program is dedicated to increasing the role of the Tribal Education Agencies in the education of American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students. Through this increased presence, TEAs and State Educational Agencies (SEA) strive to work together to better meet the educational needs of AI/AN children.

To help reach Native American student in the classroom, the STEP Program staff works diligently with school administrators, personnel and teachers. Through these relationships, the STEP Program provides
• Support – Student and Parental
• Mentoring
• Teacher Professional Development
• Parenting Workshops
• Cultural Awareness for Public Schools

Our children are intelligent, talented, and they have an enormous amount of potential. To maximize that potential, and nurture our future leaders, the STEP Program will constantly work to continue and expand the relationships between our tribe, schools, and parents.

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